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The Harmoni shelving system is a flexible modular Hi-Fi rack of high quality. Design priority is a rack that preserves melody and rhythm. The Harmoni racks consist of hand-built shelves in solid hardwoods or a combination of machined aluminum and solid hardwoods. Between the shelves there are 4 solid aluminum spacers connected by strong bolts and held in tension by means of spring washers. The bottom shelf is mounted on spike feet in heavy sleeves. (For fine hardwood floors we recommend protectors like the Linn Skeets.) The standard Harmoni rack has 4 shelves, however we can also offer other combinations such as 3 shelves to suit your needs. A kit with an additional shelf and hardware can be purchased separately at any time to expand your Harmoni rack. See the price list for the standard range of woods and finishes.

Oden, Tor, and Mimer

We offer shelves of 3 different quality levels, which can be mixed into a single rack system. You can choose a better shelf for a more sensitive device, or upgrade a shelf at a time. While visually it is more elegant with the same shelves everywhere, they function perfectly well when mixed together.

Mimer 2: New version

Our best rack system The surface on which your component is placed is a shelf of precision-machined aircraft aluminum. Supporting this shelf is a thin vibration-absorbing shelf in selected solid hardwood. In between these shelves are small vibration dampers. Compared with Tor music reproduction becomes clearer and more nuanced. Moreover, it is more resistant to side impacts.

Mimer Current Version 2.3 - More info and history.

New: Tor

Our newest model fits between the Mimer and Oden, designed to bring much of the benefit of the Mimer design to a lower price. In essence it uses an Oden hardwood top shelf (instead of machined aluminum) with the thin Mimer lower shelf. Compared with Oden the music is, among other things, rhythmically even tighter.

  • Current version: 1.0 - More info and history.
  • Oden

    Although Oden, as you see above, is our simplest shelf it uses the same selected solid wood and solid aluminum spacers as our more expensive racks. We've tried the factory-made shelves, but they sound noticeably worse than our hand-made solid wood shelves. We dare say that compared with most hi-fi racks the reproduction becomes more harmonious and more engaging with the Harmoni Oden.

  • Current version: 2.5 - More info and history.

    We also offer a Harmoni kit which includes all the aluminum posts and hardware but allows you to make the wooden shelves yourself to build an Oden.

  • The most cost effective alternative?

    It is very cost effective to put the most sensitive and most important Hi Fi-component on the best possible shelf, while the rest of the system is standing on a standard shelf. One Mimer at the top and 3 Oden below is a popular combination.

    Flexible system

    Except for the bottom shelf You can swap any shelves with each other, and You can change one 5 shelves Harmonihylla into a pair of "3-shelves" by just adding one new bottom shelf.